Open IAS Scoreboard Documentation

Keyboard Combinations

This page will detail keyboard shortcuts for Open IAS Scoreboard

Open IAS Scoreboard contains many useful keyboard shortcuts to make it far easier to manage the scoreboard in fast moving and stressful enviorments. The keyboard shortcuts avaliable in Open IAS Scoreboard are listed below.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Scoreboard Tabs
    • New Tab: ctrlOrCmd+t
    • Next Tab: ctrl+tab
    • Previous Tab: ctrl+shift+tab
    • Close Tab: ctrlorCmd+w
  • Scoreboard Controls
    • Home
      • Increase Score: i
      • Decrease Score: k
    • Guest
      • Increase Score: o
      • Decrease Score: l
    • Clock
      • Toggle Clock: t
      • Increase 1 Second: u
      • Decrease 1 Second: j
Last updated on 13 Jul 2019
Published on 22 Apr 2019
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